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We attach importance to privacy protection and personal information security of the viewers of the Website. When you visit certain sections of the Website (e.g. member registration, complaints and product inquiry, etc), it may be necessary for us to collect a certain personal information from you (e.g. name, e-mail and phone number, etc), and you may, at your discretion, decide whether or not to provide us such information so that we can contact you or provide further service to you. The provision of such information shall be deemed your agreement for us to use such information for relevant purposes (including but not limited to contacting you, answering your inquiries, providing product or service information, and sending you a gift or product). We shall strictly protect the confidentiality and safety of your personal information pursuant to applicable laws, and we undertake not to resell or lease such information to any third party in breach of any applicable regulation. However, we shall assume no liability for any disclosure made in the following situations:


We shall provide relevant personal information when so requested by any judicial or administrative authority pursuant to relevant legal procedures and statutory power;


We shall assume no liability for any leak, loss, theft or falsification of personal information arising from events of force majeure which affect the normal operation of the Website, including but not limited to temporary shut-down of the Website due to any hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, or government control;


We shall assume no liability for any leak, loss, theft, or falsification of personal information arising from your disclosure of your personal password to or sharing of your account with other parties.

If at any time you wish us to modify or delete your personal information collected by us, please contact us according to the contact information disclosed herein. We shall arrange a modification or deletion as soon as possible after verification.

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(This statement is updated on 20 July 2014.)